Schweizer Rezepte

Rezepte für unsere Freunde aus aller Welt, welche wir mit traditionellen Spezialitäten bekocht haben, deshalb sind die Rezepte in englisch.


Recipe: Butterzopf

  Swiss Butter Loaf This bread is very popular for a Swiss brunch on Sunday. You can buy it at any Swiss bakery or supermarket, but the best ones are homemade. I have very special memories to this bread. My mother made the best Zopf. She baked it on Saturday. The smell of the fresh warm bread was an important…

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Recipe: Hörnlieintopf

  Minced Meat & Macaroni – the way my mother in law used to prepare it The first time I ate this was the day I met my then future-parents in law for the first time. My mother used to cook minced meat with macaroni regularly and I never liked it the way she prepared it (sorry mum!). So there…

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Recipe: Züri Gschnätzlets mit Rösti

While travelling, we from time to time cook for our hosts or friends we made on our trip. After spending two weeks learning Spanish in Medellin in March, I invited some friends for dinner and cooked a real Swiss dish originating from Zurich – the city I worked in. My ‚parceros‘ asked for the recipe afterwards, so I assume they…

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