Indonesian visa application and extension – our experience

There is various information available regarding Indonesian visa and we wanted to share our experience with fellow travelers:


  • Swiss passport holders
  • Application for 60 days tourist visa in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia in March 2018
  • First 30 days extension in Ambon in May 2018


Application in KL


Finding information in regards to what paperwork to bring for a visa application is impossible. We ended up spending a lost day on the embassy just to find out that the bank statements were missing. So this is what we needed:

  • Passport (original) – you will need to leave it at the embassy for four working days
  • Appointment (you can do this here online). We registered ours just one day before we went to apply for our visa.
  • Application form (link)
  • One passport (foto page) copy
  • One copy of Malaysian visa in passport
  • Two passport pictures
  • Bank statements for the past three months
  • 205 MYR exact in cash per application

We did not need an invitation or sponsor letter, nor did we need to show flight tickets out of the country, although both were on the list of necessary paperwork. I have no clue why, that might be dependent on the employee working at the time of application.

We then could pick it up on workday four after we handed in the application (Friday morning we applied, Wednesday afternoon we could pick it up).

When you walk into the embassy, you can take a number from a machine (present your appointment barcode) and then wait for your number to be called. You need to be modestly dressed (no shorts, no flip flops). It‘s quite cold due to the A/C so consider bringing a scarf or a jacket and something to read to kill the waiting time.

We applied for a 60 days visa and were told we will only get 30 days, this was also what we read in forums online. Nevertheless, we were given a 60 days visa in the end, that you can then extend maximum four times inside Indonesia. Once you enter Indonesia, make sure the stamp you get is confirming the 60 days stay.


Extension in Ambon


We first tried to extend our visa in Gorontalo but were told it will take five working days due to some holiday. We then decided to fly to Ambon and extend it there, before heading to the beautiful Banda islands. They were very nice and helpful at Imigrasi in Ambon. This is what we needed:

  • Passport (original)
  • One copy of foto page in your passport
  • One copy of visa page in your passport
  • Application form (you will get it at the Imigrasi office)
  • 155’000 IDR in cash per application
  • Flight ticket: they did ask when we had planned to leave the country but did not want to see the reservation on paper (we had none and just said something).
  • Sponsor letter: we paid 450 kIDR per sponsor letter at PT Daya Patal and it was done in no time.
  • Meterai stamp worth 6’000 IDR each (you will pay 7’000 IDR per Meterai including the commission) that needs to be glued to the sponsor letter. This you can get just a few metres from the travel agency in a small shop.

As your sponsor needs to be with you personally at time of application, go to PT Daya Patal first, get the Meterai while the lady fills in the forms and then go with her to the Imigrasi office on a Bemo (3’000 IDR per person).

We could then pay, get the finger prints and fotos done right away and were asked to pick the passport up next afternoon at 3 pm. This was the fastest Imigrasi office we heard of! Don‘t rely on this though, we might have been just lucky or it might be more busy in high season.

There was also some confusion in regards to when to extend the visa. In Ambon, they accepted our extension 12 days before the visa validity expired. It was then extended for 30 days from the day it was valid to (not the day of visa extension). Example: Our initial visa was valid until 14 May, we applied on 2 May, the extension is valid until 12 June (=14 May + 30 days).


This is how it worked for us. Depending on which officer has duty at time of application, the country / city where you apply or extend, your nationality or type of visa you apply for, it might be totally different though. Indonesia is a fabulous country, don‘t let the visa process prevent you from visiting. If you want to read more about our adventures in Indonesia or other countries, explore our blog.


  • Valerie 16. Juli 2018 at 11:52

    Hi! I got a little confused after reading your blog. In the end, did you get a 60 day visa or did you get a 30 day visa and had to extend in Indonesia? Because you are also talking about your extension (for which you also had to pay). Is that extension for the second month or third month of your stay in Indonesia (hence: did you stay longer then 60 days?).

    We want to apply for a 60 day tourist visa in Kuala Lumpur, but no where online could we find if they give out these visa’s still. Hopefully you can give us some information!

    • Melanie Maurer 16. Juli 2018 at 12:23

      Hi Valerie
      Yes, we applied for 60 days in KL and got 60 days, although at time of application we were told we will get 30 only. So just try with 60 and see what you get. We then extended for 30 days in Ambon as described and then once more in Bali. We stayed for almost four months in total. Let me know if you have more questions. Enjoy Indonesia!

  • Rien 12. Oktober 2018 at 13:20

    So annoying these inconsistent rules.. I don’t like to waste my time in immigration offices and if I only get 30 days visa I’d rather go for a visa exempt entry on arrival. I’d rather spend $50-$100 on flights to KL and waste about a day, instead of paying for visas and wasting 4 half days doing paid (again) extensions. A visa agent to only have to go once for extension costs about $50-$75, makes the whole joke more expensive than flying out and back in especially if you can spend a few days with friends in KL or BKK. So if they’d tell me I’m only getting 30 days I would not want to go through with my application. Great that you still got 60 days but makes me wonder if I should even try my luck at KL embassy


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